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Guest Nasty Nate

They're beyond brilliant. I mean look at and the rhyming going on here. Only you Axl could come up with such brilliant rhyming words like "why" and "goodbye", or "light and bright". It's beyond genius. There's no wonder this album was so well received. The lyrics on this song are beyond words. My favorite lyric would have to be "So if she's somewhere near me, I hope to God she hears me". Even Shakespeare himself couldn't write such influential and artsy material! This is true words from a poet.

I have some other ideas to include in it's follow up if you ever release it, but please be aware Axl I'm not a multi-millionaire like yourself so take it as a grain of salt.

"ball, hall"

"nice, lice, price"

"poop, shoot"

"love, glove"

"bird, herd"

"food, lewd"

"happy, sappy"

"Axl, Paxil"

"Slash, bash, hash, cash, mash, lash"

"train, gain, lane, sane, tame, main, mane, came, fame"

..."Asha, shit" ... oh sorry, those don't rhyme...but you get the idea.


Oh yeah, and my offer to the Raiders game officially ends now because JaMarcus Russell was the Oakland Raiders, just like you are Guns N' Roses you know. If you can't have JaMarcus, you can't have a football game. So I say fuck that, not that you give a shit anyway.

Merry Xmas.

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