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GNR guitarist Bumblefoot confirms GNR tour is ON, and NOT quitting band


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In response to all the recent questions by fans. Bumblefoot agreed to be interviewed by Michale Grave's Radio Deadly Show. The interview was broadcasted on the internet on August19th 2010 at 0:01 in the morning.

Here are a few Bumblefoot quotes from the interview :

Here's what Bumblefoot had to say about the current GNR tour :

"The tour is happening and I will be there!"

When asked about the relationships in the band:

"No we actually, we all have more of a relationship than alot of people want to believe."

When asked if Axl's twitter was hacked:

"I haven't gotten like the full details on what the hell happened, but the tour is happening, the tour is definitely happening. I was just sent finally the itinerary so I know where I am going."

Bumblefoot and the fans :

"Ya I do think about them that's why we do this, ya know I mean, you know if I'm playing I'm playing for the people that are there, I am there to entertain them, to show them a good time and it's very important to me, it is. It sounds all serious and I am supposed to be there, [yeah rockstar and I don't give a fuck!] Well too fucking bad I'm me and I give a fuck. Simple as that I give a fuck and I take it seriously and when it comes to being on stage and anything relating to entertaining the people that went out of their way to be there, I take it very fucking seriously."

Listen to the full interview :

Listen to the full 42 minute interview using this link.

In addition to being interviewed, Bumblefoot simultaneously updated his twitter (twitter.com/bumblefoot) :


SOURCE: Michale Grave's Radio Deadly Show, Internet radio broadcasted August 19th 2010

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