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Has Duff spoke about his reunion with Axl?


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I'm guessing if he'd had someone would have posted...or did I miss it? Would love to read what Duff had to say about the night:

*How'd it all come about..who initiated?

*Did he/Axl chat at any length before or after about (the obvious)

*How'd they part?

*Did he soil himself being able to again play the songs he & Axl made magical together? (it'd been a long time)

*Any chance it'll happen again?

*Why was he there (I take it Janes Adiction was in town)?

*What did he think of this carnation of "GnR"? (he watched all/most of show)

*How many songs were planned with him on stage and did he/Axl decide he should stick around for another tune or so?

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That's awesome. I'm glad it was a big thing for him as well.

Not sure it wasnt a re-tweet or copy-n-paste job.

Why would he refer to himself?

Just checked, it WAS a retweet of a user called @sammyfuckyou.

Duff obviously copied and pasted rather than using the retweet button.

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I made a mistake, so I deleted my post

the user called: sammyfuckyou tweeted this:

This week, the honorably sir @DuffMcKagan64 played

with @gunsnroses. I'm happy for the entire month...

and Duff retweeted that and only wrote this: that's awesome THX

sorry, my bad

ahh, it's still cool

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