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GN'R photography books


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Guys, I was searching to find photography of the band - especially old times, because there are a few photos from that period and it's such a shame. I wanted to ask you if you know, besides Reckless Road by Canter and The photographic History by Robert John (I have them both) if there are more photography books or books which contain also photos of the band. So far I only found these.

I am a big photography lover and love the band since I was 11 and I l love to have good quality photos of the band and I am always in searching to find more. If there are books or anything that you know, tell me.

I hope it's the right place to put this

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They're the only 2 I know of.

Depends how far you wanna go into it. There are some official shots of the band on their Myspace account (I've not looked lately but there was some of the 2006/7 tour).

If you want the "old" band then there was a LOT of official calendars over the years that had some pretty decent photos on.


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