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Ok kids, back when I was a young kid in one of my first bands we did this one live, we did 3 def songs live actually, years before Pyromania or anyone new who Def was. (They were really good then) Steve Clark wrote some very melodic wonderful riffs in those days (RIP) and this is one of my favorite moments by the band. It always pissed me off when they cut it off on the radio after the albums 'hit' "Bringin' On The Heartache". (which we didn't do live) Anyway here's the original for those who don't know, get ready to jump around your living rooms!...

Now here's some young Asian girl doing a cover, using all 4 limbs, like a madwoman! Unreal talent, worth a post I thought!

She seems to have a lot of rock covers, as Asians still love rock! rock3 I only watched this one, though, as after it the rest are bound to fall off. lol


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