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November Rain


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Whilst on holiday recently in the bar one night they did a music quiz where they played the beginning of a song and whatever teams were playing had to guess the song etc.

Most of them were shite, but then they played this lovely piece of piano music, it was funny because I knew I knew it but it didn't come straight to me, but it was the intro to november rain, the piece he used to play before where he was going crazy on the piano. Then the intro to November rain started. Thing is, it took me a while to click as it sounded like a studio recording, no audience noise or anything, and it went on for much longer than any of the intros I've heard before. Then before november rain started again it was silent and sounded like a studio recording. It confused me as I couldn't work out whether it was someone else playing who had perhaps copied it or whether it was indeed real.

It's bugging me now as it was beautiful, anyone any ideas?

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