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Trolling Slash Fans


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If you're a fan of Louis C. K. then you probably have heard this bit. Now I don't mean to say the whole bit is analogous to the battle between Slash and Axl fans. It's definitely not comparable to the girls vs boys thing either. The thing that clicked is the odd version of morality at the end.

"Like my five-year old, the other day, one of her toys broke. And she demand that I break her sister's toy, to make it fair"

"And I did"

It's just an observation but some fans think there has to be a equilibrium to make things fair. In my opinion, Slash gets undeserved hatred personally from Axl and by intentional proxy, from Axl's fans in the GN'R community. It's even more bizarre though when people try to deride Slash because it never really is clever or even makes sense. I've read people comment that Axl fans don't cupcake Slash fans the way Slash fans cupcake them. Well, there really isn't any reason to?


Maybe playing with fergie in the "Paradise Shity" gets people's panties in a twist but Slash at the end of the day is always cool. There's really no need to defend him really. A few people slag on him here an there but I can go to bed at night, wake up in the morning, and Slash is still universally loved.


I feel the same way when people compare Axl and Kurt Cobain and try to imply that they were equally assholes. Asymmetries exist in nature. Some people triumph. You can scour for reasons to be critical of Kurt but it's never going to be as easy to find as what you'd encounter in Axl's actions.


Axl on the other-hand. Axl's always doing something worthy of easy derision. He's a never-ending piñata. The candy never fucking stops. It's just the nature of things.

Life doesn't owe you a happy ending.

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