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GNR songs


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I remember a few years ago, SCOM got voted as a best song to drive your car

Some sites list PC as a best driving song

So I have a two part question:

1.) Which GNR song in your opinion, truly defines Guns n' Roses?

2.) Which GNR song is most radio friendly?

My answers:

1.) Welcome to the Jungle - great concert opener - has that "vibe" to it that defines Rock n' Roll

2.) November Rain - I seem to hear that a lot on the radio these days. UYI songs are played way more than any AFD songs on the radio.

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1) Paradise City because it has a positive upbeat chorus and the verses are dark. Shows kind of both side of the spectrum.

2) Radio Friendly? Probably Patience. SCOM does rock especially at the end but Patience you could play in front of people of all ages. I'd say Patience.

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