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Marc, Axl/Izzy n Axl/Slash


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Marc, just wondering what your thoughts are on the most recent GnR shows with Izzy?

I've been a fan since the beginning, and I remember how disheartened I was in the 1993 bootleg trading days, when I was getting tapes of Euro 93 Tour after Izzy left (Netherlands, Germany, etc), listening to Axl absolutely trash Izzy every night. He not only dedicated DTJ to Izzy every single night, he usually just basically stepped on the guy in 5 min monologues every night. I remember being bummed, thinking "That's it. I'll never see those two on stage together again!" Nowadays it's not even news if Izzy is playing with the band. Could you have believed that possible in 93? Could we take ANY optimism from the finality of Axl's hate for Izzy (as it turns out, temporary) applied to his hate for Slash? Rockline from Jan 94, Axl's own words regarding working with Izzy: "NEVER again!"

Nobody seems to be retiring anytime soon. I gotta believe there's always a chance of everyone doing something, at least as a one off charity event. Maybe we can take some hope from Axl's Slash-never becoming like his Izzy-never? Or has it become so overblown and publicized for so long that it's easier to just stay away from each other than to work out their old issue? I mean, how nice would it be for them to just move forward as at least friends who speak and guest play with each other on occasion? They had such a strong musical bond and chemistry that I refuse to believe we've seen it all. I really think just one charity event, not prior publicized, where they play together on a song or something, could be the answer. Then at least the hurdle is behind them and it's not weird anymore. Keep doing all that you can to mend it, Marc!

PS- bought ur book off the ebay store a few weeks ago, loved it! Awesome seeing those gorgeous color pics of some of the shows we used to watch on the washed-out 12th generation VHS copies. And some really cool pics I'd never seen of the band before. Big fan! Thanks!

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