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Ryan Lotche Pees in the Pool


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Ryan Lochte pees in pool, chlorine water makes him 'automatically go'

Ryan LochteRyan Lochte Olympics

Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Ryan Lochte, made no apologies for going pee in the pool.

When Ryan Seacrest asked the athlete if swimmers ever pee in the pool he bluntly said, "Of course. We always do."

It's a funny topic coming from a swimmer who just won serious Olympic gold in London. People think it's gross when they hear about others relieving themselves in water they share with everyone else, but it's not uncommon. After all, who wants to jump out of the pool for the inconvenience of a restroom when they can pee anonymously underwater? No one usually admits it.

Ryan Lochte joked there's something about the chlorine that urges someone to go.

“I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go,” the Olympic swimmer said.

In other recent headlines, Lochte's mother told the press that her son doesn't have time for a relationship, but will go on dates. Her words were twisted around by the media in a way that made it appear she meant "one-night stands."

It's mind-blowing how Olympic achievement can bring focus to so many ridiculous subjects of gold medal winners.


If Olympian do it, does that mean it's cool if the rest of us have a tinkle in the pool as well? :awesomeface:

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