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Bending Spoon

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Check out this bands music. Grunge sounding band that has some good lyrics I think. It is a two person band. I found them on CD Baby years back. I think with better production this would have been a cool cd. Still pretty neat i think in its rough form. I really like some of the tunes like Swell and several others they are all pretty cool. The song called Unordinary seems to be a favorite on the cd. It is a pretty straight ahead rocker. I like the vocals. The guitar is simple but cool. The lyrics are pretty cool.

Here is their myspace


"Bending Spoon was formed in late Dec of 2005 with former frontman of Honeywell, David Crozier and drummer Ben Byrd. After many ups, downs and members quitting the band, they decided to stick to the two member format. After a few weeks of trying to figurer out how to pull off a 2 member alt rock band, David picked up his guitar and began to joke around about modifying it to play both bass and guitar at the same time. After a day or two, that humor became reality when David modified and rewired his guitars to create both true bass and guitar notes at the same time. The band is no stranger to success or press; after landing the front page of several newspapers, radio rotation worldwide, magazine articles and even an article in Music Connection Magazine, they began to see that there might be a place for their music in this world. To the fans, Bending Spoon shines more like a symbol than an icon. "To give someone something to believe in is difficult until it is worded in a way they can relate," says frontman David Crozier."-cdbaby


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