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A few q tuestions


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Some trivia Axl-related questions, feel free to answer all, some or none:

1) What exactly went down with Axl and Mick Wall? I read his pissy little book some time ago and it was one of the most biased biographies I've ever read. Has Axl read it?

2) Do you know what Axl thinks about the Illusions-era videos now? November Rain is one of my all-time favorite songs/videos, but at the same time the Estranged video could've been a lot more intimate and not so grandiose and bloated...does Axl still like those videos or does he look at them the same way he looks at the Illusions records...that they bum him out, because he thinks they could've been better?

3) Do you think Axl is still interested in talking about his art? I love all those lengthy interviews from the 90s where he discusses his musical preferences and talks about the music...do you think we'll ever see/hear him talk about the songs on Chinese? I'd love to hear about the inspirations, themes etc., because I think he's the kind of songwriter that thinks about these things a lot

4) Have you ever been in studio with him when he records? I've never seen any footage of him recording vocals, Sebastian made a video when they did Angel Down, but the parts with Axl were never released...does he have a routine, a ritual he does when he records? Is it a spiritual thing for him? Any good studio stories from back in the day, especially the Illusions era, because didn't Axl use to live in the studio at that point?

5) How many different versions of the Chinese Democracy record have you heard? Was it always 14 songs? Was it planned as a double at first?

6) Where did Earl go?

7) Have you ever seen Axl visit mygnrforum.com or any of the other fan forums? Or has he ever discussed the forums/the people on the forums with you?

8) I've heard that Axl collects movies. What are some of his favorites? Do you think he's interested in producing any? Or would he be interested in scoring films? I think he would do an awesome job, it would have to be an emotional roller-coaster of a screenplay, but I think he could pull it off...or make like a 'The Wall' type of an abstract film with instrumental Gn'R music, possibly autobiographical..that'd be really cool too...I always thought that he could've tried to set the Chinese Democracy project on the side for a while, score some stuff, fuck around with films, have some fun and then come back to Gn'R... people would kill to have an original score by Axl Rose

Sorry for making this a mini-interview. I'm just really into trivia.

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Regarding #1

I thought it was a pretty good book, especially for somebody who really doesn't know that much about Axl or GNR. I mean I knew most of the stuff already because I had already read a lot of the source materials (articles,etc) that Mick uses but I still thought it was an interesting read.

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