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Side Project Audio/Video Request - Trading


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For a long time I am looking for these audio and video bootlegs of some side projects. Those who have something on this list send me a PM and we can trade. I have enough material. Send me PM or contact me: gnr-project-tour@hotmail.com

Slash's Snakepit

(AUDIO) 05.04.95 Cameo Theatre, Miami Beach, FL

(AUDIO) 18.06.95 Flugplatz, Lahr, Germany

(AUDIO) 20.06.95 Vooruit, Gent, Belgium

(AUDIO) 12.07.95 Nottingham Rock City, Nottingham, England

(AUDIO) 13.02.99 The Galaxy Theatre, Sant'Ana, CA

(AUDIO) 13.09.00 Phoenix

(AUDIO) 11.11.00 Yokohama Bay Hall, Tokohama, Japan

(AUDIO) 19.06.01 Hyannis, MA

(AUDIO) 28.05.97 Mama Kin Music Hall, Boston, MA

(AUDIO) 21.06.97 London Docksland Arena, London, England

(VIDEO) 04.05.95 Monaco, Germnay

(VIDEO) 05.06.95 Holland

Izzy Stradlin

(AUDIO) 16.10.92 Osaka, Japan

(AUDIO/VIDEO) 21.01.93 San Francisco, CA

(VIDEO) 22.11.92 Bonn, Germany

(VIDEO) 14.12.92 Town and Country

(VIDEO) 13.10.92 Melbourne, Australia

Duff Mckagan

(AUDIO) 26.09.93 Webster Hall, New York, NY

(AUDIO) 09.11.93 Palais De Bercy, Paris, France

(AUDIO) 15.11.93 KB, Malmö, Sweden

(AUDIO) 17.11.93 Copenhagen, Denmark

(AUDIO) 21.01.94 Imperial Hall, Nagoya, Japan

(AUDIO) 22.01.94 Shbuya Koraido, Tokyo, Japan

(VIDEO) 18.10.93 Dortmund, Germany

Neurotic Outsiders

(AUDIO) 30.09.95 Hard rock Casino, Las Vegas, NV (Soundcheck)

(AUDIO) 07.01.96 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA

(AUDIO) 08.09.96 The Warehouse, Toronto, Canada

(AUDIO) 09.09.96 Rockline, Los Angeles, CA

(AUDIO) 13.09.96 Sanctum, Pontiac, MI

(AUDIO) 24.09.96 Le Gibus, Paris, France

(AUDIO) 29.09.96 Astoria 2, London, England

(AUDIO) 27.09.96 Logo, Hamburg, Germany

Suki Jones/Adler's Appetite

(AUDIO) 15.05.03 Glenville, NY

(AUDIO) 17.05.03 Plainview, NY

(AUDIO) 07.08.04 Nelly's Piper, Lemont, IL

Gilby Clarke

(AUDIO) 08.10.94 Toronto, Canada

(AUDIO) 10.07.98 Daytona's, Riviera Beach, MD

(AUDIO) 11.05.00 De Kade, Zaandam, Holland

(AUDIO) 12.05.00 Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland

(AUDIO) 13.05.00 Het Podium, Hardenberg, Holland

(AUDIO) 30.07.00 John's Broadwalk Bar & Grill, Philadelphia, PA

(AUDIO) 02.03.02 Atascadero

(AUDIO) 13.03.04 Orange, CT

(VIDEO) 13.05.04 Alpheus, Rome, Italy

Dizzy Reed

(AUDIO) 19.03.04 Worcester, MA

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