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Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson


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Do you think Axl was deliberately referencing Jackie Wilson when he used that lyric?

What other Soul/R&B musicians do you think Axl might listen to/be inspired by.

I'd be surprised if he isn't a fan of Marvin Gaye myself. Maybe we will get a song inspired by Heard it through the Grapevine one day?

Interesting tidbit about Jackie Wilson

He was in the middle of singing "Lonely Teardrops" when he suffered a heart attack, during the middle of the line "My heart is crying." When he collapsed on stage, audience members initially thought it was part of the act.

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Motown music back in the 60's was such a force. So many good bands and singers came out of that time. I'm sure Axl's listened to Motown music too. There were such amazing songs, and if he got any inspiration from them, good for Axl.

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