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That's the thing, alot of us want Axl to succeed. We know he can be much better than he is today, more fitter, better vocals, more inspired. We all saw Axl during the 2006 and 2010 tour, that was a man on a mission, a frontman who I was proud to say I am a fan of. The fact is we have a seemingly uninspired Axl Rose with a gut doing nostalgia shows with deteriorating vocal chords. That's not that Axl Rose I want to see. I want to see him moving around on stage without being out of breath, I want to see Youtube comments and comments on here about how good his sounds (and not just from the Axl worshippers). I want the rasp, the power, the intensity. And most of all I want to him to move this band forward.

The video's of Rock In Rio 2011 and The Bridge School show paint a different look of Axl than we are use to seeing. And that's what the masses on Youtube will see, the "Axl Rose Disaster 2011" and "Axl Rose Disaster 2012," video's. With a out of shape, clearly unprepared lead singer forgetting the lyric's to song's he sang for 25 years.

Sure, Axl's 51. Sure, he's older. But he's also a rockstar, a celebrity. And their held to a different standard to us average joe's. When you have dozen's on musician's that are at Axl's age and are in better shape than he is (some even older than Axl) than age shouldn't be an excuse.

I don't want to see comment's like "well, he used the rasp from 2:00-2:06." I don't want overzealous poster's saying how "he look's thinner," when it's clear that he probably didn't do anything for months. He's seemingly lost the passion, the drive, the determination to be a big band. He's now a nostalgia act going through the motion's. It's a shame too, because he was once such a great vocalist and songwriter, but it seem like whatever fueled his fire years ago is gone. And the worst part is, he hasn't changed the perception of him. People make fun of him of here, on other websites, and he doesn't do anything but add more fuel to what their saying. I would love for Axl to shut up as the naysayers (including me) and put out new music, get in better shape, and tour the globe kicking ass like he did in 2010 and 2006 I would love for Axl to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, to be in commercials and talk shows. Just to be popular again in the mainstream world.

Maybe he's going through a mid-life crisis, maybe he's on new medication, maybe he just doesn't give a fuck anymore? Who knows? Hell, it would be cool if he atleast get us some insight as to why he's seemingly holding back his raspy vocal's, or maybe even new music.

I just wish that he could try to be the best he can be, not a shell of a once great frontman.

Great post!

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