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Wow, you deserve an award! This is near impossible to find. Granted, I've seen it and its largely a waste of time, but I can totally understand not having seen it and just be dying to hear what they discuss (trust me, we all thought that for months and it was a huge disappointment). But major props for actually finding a link! People have been searching for this for awhile and to my knowledge they have made very little progress.

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Thanks! Yeah I've seen it before, but it's been a while so when I found it I was so happy. Idk I think he talks about some interesting things, but a lot of questions are playing it safe.

Its was easier than Eddie Trunk goes on people. But I think they were told it had to be pretty safe from GNR management. They were just happy to get the interview anyway, no matter what was talked about. I know Eddie has expressed its an all around weird interview, because it happened so late and they were tired, and DJ being there just ended up being weird, and Axl's answers were kind of long winded. IMO, every time I see it, you think "in an hour period, he's gonna have to say something great" and he kind of doesn't. It is cool to see again, but they never really get into anything. I don't think there was anything from there I would take as "useful information" or call a good question/answer. It all seemed like a very missed opportunity, and I'm glad at least when it happened many on here felt the same way.

But yeah, it is really cool to see again, and I'm telling you this is very hard to find so I give you a lot of credit with that step. I still think the interview and episode kind of sucks, but its just nice to have because of the rarity factor.

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