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Trans-Pacific Partnership 2nd Draft Leaks


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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a plurilateral trade agreement that changes patent laws (on a global scale), and limits piracy.

This is the second draft of the document released yesterday. Various news sites have editorialised, and inferred differing points on the draft. Ranging from the mundane, to the hyperbolic.


The two editorial sites I referenced above are very anti-TPP. I sought a news media site with a pro-TPP editorial, but I have yet to find anything. I don't like to offer opinions to these sorts of topics, but this is a very, very, bad thing. I have some friends in "Doctors Without Borders", and they do not like the implications for the medical community. It enriches corporate interests on an unprecedented level. Some of the countries participating are the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, China and New Zealand. This document was (allegedly) not intended for public discourse, due to its very controversial text.

The "best" pro-TPP argument I have heard is "the U.S. wants to protect its patents in light of the 3-D printer's capabilities, and China's knock-off market". Even still, China's been selling cheap rip-offs for decades, and the 3-D printer is a relatively new, and scarce thing.

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