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They made a kind of rock opera in the album.There are very good songs like Jesus of Suburbia and Wake me up when september ends,classic green day punk rock songs like Letterbomb,Holiday,St. Jimmi and She's a Rebel (which remind me the insomniac days) and nice moments like Boulevard of Broken Dreams (one of my faves) and Are we waiting.

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Oh yes, Green Day are back!

The beginning of the Album is phenomenal! The second song, that "5 songs in 1" track that was mentioned is great! And the follow-ups to it, " Holiday" and "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" really hit the spot! I think the latter half of the album could be stronger on first listen, but oveall, well worth the money!

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I think Greenday totally sold out with that album. Everywhere I go I hear people humming it or singing along. Also it wasn't nearly as good as their older stuff. I've been a fan of Green Day for years, and I think they need to make a shit video like they did in 98 to get the new fans off their asses.

How is making a song that sticks in peoples heads selling out? did gnr sell out with sweet child o mine? if so then i wish every band i ever liked would sell out all the time! and also, i dont recall any shit video made in 98, you referring to time of your life, redundant or nice guys finish last? cause neither of those are shit. And why would they not wanna have new fans? doesnt that defy the object of making a living from being in a band, the more fans the better, surely? it means theres less people around to like shite such as blue and westlife.

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