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Sisters of Mercy


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I absolutly love the Sisters of Mercy!!!

but im the only one who seems to know them :angry:

My favs include This Corrosion, Temple Of Love, Dominion/Mother Russia and resonantly a supposed cover of Tears for Fears 'Shout' (not too sure if its them yet but it seems to sound like the singer and the female is also singing inthe background)

but i was just wondering if there were any more like me who are obsessed, im just waiting for them to tour and they do it so rarely and at the last moment so i never hear about them.

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Hell I know only one song: Temple of Love...

But is great song I listen it very often :rolleyes:

the 1992 version I guess? thats the one most people know...

the originals not so good....but the 92' remix fuckin rocks, such a strange song with the girls wailing in the background

theres one awesome part (dunno how far in) but everything goes quiet, then the lady comes in with her singing followed by some cool drum beat and what sounds like a heavy synth kicks in....fucking love it!!!!!

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