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The Libertines


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what do you think of them, i own both their albums, and "cant stand me now" is a brilliant tune, a lot of people think they are the best band in the last 10 years (IN THE UK) but to be honest if someone asks me if i like the libertines, i say "nah man they are shit" you cant deny great music when you hear it, but still I dont want to like them, I guess I feel this, because their music is straight in your face and so fucking great at the same time, however they are extremely hyped, especially since pete doherty has sort of left the band and is a drug addict.

Just hope he doesnt die, because the libertines will be glorified 10 times more than nirvana ever were.

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majorly overatted if im honest,i bought the new album about a month ago,listened to it a few times then gave it a way to a mate cause i thought it was shit,he then gave it to his brother who also thought it was shit!!

i got that too....what a fucking waste of money that was :devil:

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Theres nothing particularly bad about them but there's nothing that grabs you either and Pete Doherty is a self important poetry reading little smackhead spending all of his mummys money on drugs, sorry Pete, its all been done before and its now very boring.

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