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Launch the fisrt ten songs ever.


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O.k. Today I heard the coolest thing on radio. There is this new radio station that was supposed to be starting up and for the last 3 weeks they've been playing classical music as their test signal. Well today at 1:02pm I turned to 106.7 FM to see if it had started and no more than a second after switching to it, does the deep "radio voice" come over the classical music and say "Central Alberta's newest rock station launches in 4 minutes" Cool so I listen. At 1:03 it said 3 minutes to go and then 2 minutes to go and then 1 minute to go. At the minute mark(1:05) this beep started in every 2 seconds about with the classical music still going. Then at 30 seconds the voice came on again saying "30 seconds to lauch" the beep got faster and faster untill with like 5 seconds to go it was one steady high pitch noise. Then nothing. A few seconds past and then the intro to Where the Streets Have No Name starts in. I'm thinkning cool. But it gets better. With the intro looped over and over other songs start fading in and out in the background. First Paint it Black, then Ramble On, then Revolution, than Enter Sandman and then Aerosmith and so on for about 30 - 45 seconds, all the while U2's song continues to play. As the songs start to fade in and out at such a rapid pace it all becomes one big cluster fuck of classic rock songs. Then again it fades out and Welcome to the Jungle starts in and the "booming radio voice" comes back and starts introducing the station while Jungle plays. Then finally he says "In 3, 2, 1" Ac/Dc's highway to Hell seemlessly mixes in and there ya go. I witnessed the launch of a radio station 106.7 The Drive. Itb was awesome. Here's the first ten songs they ever played. The whole intro was actually very freaking cool. Especially as they used U2 and Guns N' Roses for the backdrop of it all.

1. Highway to Hell - AC/DC

2. Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

3. Sharped Dressed Man - ZZ Top

4. Ramble On - Led Zepplin

5. Happy Hour - Tragically Hip

6. New Girl Now - (Don't know who sings it) It sucked

7. Revolution - The Beatles

8. Some shitty Canadian band like April Wine or Supertramp. It sucked

9.Paradise City - Guns N' Roses

10. Dream On - Aerosmith

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