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I had always thought Pearl Jam were the best "grunge" band.

Thanks to audioslaves album, i found chris cornell's voice really unique, hard to describe it really. I got a few Soundgarden albums after that, and i really think they were the most consistent of these groups. i just want to know why they arnt widely recognised when it comes to great bands in grunge, i think SG definatley blow the majority of them away, i think theyr better than nirvana and pJ as well

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back then, soundgarden werent as commercial straight off like the others riding that reluctant wave of success. they hopped on a little later. plus musically, it doesnt really speak to a transcendant demagraphic like the poppier riffs of pearl jam or alice in chains.

i like to think that sound garden was only grunge by media association and not musically connected in any way.

loud love still to this day steals my ears every so often.

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Yeah I'd say that Soundgarden are probably the best 'Grunge' band. They weren't as popular as the other Grunge bands as they didn't have as commercial a sound like the others. They only really became popular with the album Superunknown in 1994.

Grunge is a strange term, neither of the so called 'Grunge' bands sound anything like each other. Nirvana had a punk rock sound, Alice In Chains were basically Heavy Metal, Pearl Jam had a Classic Rock sound and Soundgarden were quite psychadelic.

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They predate "grunge" by a loooong time.

They have the best sineger of the Seattle bands.

Pearl Jam was a better band, I think, but BMF and Superunknown as well as

Down on the Upside were awesome albums.

They were really big before Superunknown. BMF was a huge album. Outshined was every bit as big as evenflow, which was popular at about the same time.

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