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If There Was No GNR..........


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What bands would you be listening to ?????, i think id still like some of the nu-metal bands that thanks to mtv, kids are told are real rock.

Probably Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, metallica, ac/dc, etc

i couldnt imagine music without GNR, because after you listen to them, they have such a unique sound, that you immediately like them

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You make it sound like there are no other bands in the world at all man... :blink:

Some other bands I listen to:

Pink Floyd (favorite band next to gnr)






Rolling Stones

Rage Against The Machine

Pearl Jam

Flogging Molly




The Sheer

enough beautifull music in the world :)

lol, i guess i did, i wasnt trying to, but it does sound like that

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you really did make it sound like there's no other bands besides GnR... come on guys they are great but man other bands rock too.. namely..

Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd






Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Eagles

The doors

Eric clapton

Jimmy hendrix

and many many others..there's a lot of bands guys... GnR isnt the only one

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i've noticed quite a bit of Coldplay fans... a lot of male Coldplay fans.... interesting... according to T_G, to like them and be a guy is the same as subscribing to Playgirl magazine for a year...

i like them. my friend got me into them. she got me intoa few bands i would otherwise not listen to... not bad... but after listening to them for maybe a few hours, i'd definitely want to throw in some "It's So Easy." haha.

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