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I saw REM on Tuesday


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First of all the atmosphere for this gig was absolutely horrible. No buzz in the air no excitment nothing. No line ups for shirts, hell nobody even showed up untill 7:00 when the show started at 7:30. Anyways the opening band: Charlie Mass started right on time to a quarter full Saddledome(hold 20 000) and he was average at best. Nothing special. Finally by the time he was done the place was maybe 3/4 full. Sadly this thing did not sell out. REM took the stage just about 9:00 and they opend with two songs I had never heard before. likely off the new album which is what you'd expect. What I didn't expect was the complete and total lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. I hated it. These are supposed to be REM fans getting the chance to possibly see "THEIR" band for the last time and nobody seemed to care. :huh: I mean seriously I was standing and singing along to more of the sonsg than the REM "fans" It made me wonder if it was about 15 00 people like me who just wanted to check them out with no real interest either way. very odd. As for REM, Michale Stipe said numerous times that "We're REM and this is what we do." Well then they don't do it very well. Someone needs to hand them a handbook on how to work a crowd. Seriously. They would play one fast song and then kill it with a slow song. Fast then slow all night long. I couldn't belive it. they performed the songs to perfection and the sound was fantastic but the setlist was in such a fucked up order. <_< Anyways I was quite disapointed with everything about it. From the crowd to the band. Like I said they songs sounded great but the show had absolutely no flow and the crowd brought everything down. I came away with it thinkng there goes REM on their last legs as an arena act. Somting about the whole thing was very sad. I will give them props for the encore which was good. Two songs they've never recorded and then Man on the Moon.

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R.E.M = YAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWN :sleeper: , I know they are "big" but they shouldn't be doing arenas , small clubs and theaters are much more thier style . I can see why you were so dissapointed with the show , it's because they aren't an arena type band and thier style doesn't hmmm "move" huge crowds IMO .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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I agree with everyone who has posted in this thread. REM isn't really a standing-banging-your-head-to type of band. They have some good songs.. but I'm not a huge fan. I would expect the crowd to be pretty mellow- that isn't really my style either. I get bored. :P

Sorry you were dissapointed Bono.. but at least the sound was good- that is extremely important.

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