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what about a reunion?


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well.. Yeah.. If the former members returned it migth take a bit longer.. I doubt Slash would like Buckethead`s solo`s forexample, he didt even play the originals when he played for the Jackson brothers..

But I dont care that much about when its released, its just the quality on the album tht means something for me..

And I would love to have the old members back :)

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Did you know gunners that Slash, duff and Izzy are teamig up for a new release probably in Izzy solo project. Did you gunners wish that the old band get together?

This same post keeps coming up a gazillion times whenever someone new shows up on the board.

It gets lamer and lamer each time.

Slash, Duff and Matt will only have mediocre success because it was Axl who stood out from GNR. Thats why Snakepit did bad, and Loaded did bad. Maybe both of them together will do a little better.

But Axl is the one the media cares about and the media is giving all the press to 'bad boy axl' who is always doing something whacky.

In the meantime Slash is making cameos on TLCs 'Trading Spaces' I mean come on. Slash is a softie now, he has lost his edge A LONG TIME AGO. Duff is the only one that actually has some edge. But hte press doesnt care about the former bassist for Guns N' Roses, they care about the lead singer of Guns N' Roses.

Thats why the new project will blow chunks, because no one but nostalgia tripped gunners will even care about it.

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