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Gibson Les Paul Players-? for you


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Anyone here have a Gibson Les Paul that they put the SD Alnico II pickups into? I have a '98 GLP Standard that I have been debating swapping out the original pickups on and going for the SD's. I play through a Marshall TSL 100 Full stack, little to no effects used.

I'm wondering how much different the sound of the guitar would be with the new pickups vs originals. Since the Marshall/Gibson combo is common, I figure someone here has tried this. Worth the $250 to swap out? Did you get more of a Slash sound than with the originals? Overall I'm pretty happy with the current sound. Just curious to see if anyone did it and noted a big difference in tone, hum, sustain, anything.

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I have an Epiphone Les Paul, so I might have a slightly different sound, as it's using different wood

I had a Cherry Sunburst with Alnico's it sounded f'n awesome, sounded definately like Slash. It was as if I was borrowing his guitar......

However, that was on my 100 Watt Marshall amp, when I plugged it into my 30 watt Marshall , for somereason it messed up the amp and the blew the speaker, Whe nI took it in, it was something about the pickups were reacting with teh speaker and giving too much feedback, so word of advice, don't try it on diddy amps.

I no longer have that Les Paul, otherwise I'd sell you the pickups. I now have a Tobacco Sunburst (Lighter shade than November Rain video) but with normal Gibson humbuckers

I definately recommend them.

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