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Weekly Recommendation thread


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OK, I'll start this off, but it's not cool if there isn't a "crowd" for this. So if you can try to download or just check out the stuff people are recommending and tell your opinion.

OK, let's go.

This week:

Bangkok Babes - Locket n' Chain

Bangkok Babes is a Hair/Hard Rock band from Norway. They are working together since 1994 and this album, their first one, came out last year. In this album you can hear clear influences from bands like Hanoi Rocks, Ratt and Guns n' Roses too. It's a rare case to find a band that plays this style this day in age, but Bangkok Babes are one of those rare cases. Hard riffs, loud vocals and nice solos. Everyone who is into this style of music should check them out.

You can download samples from each song from their album right here: http://www.nehrecords.com/shop/BangkokLocket.htm

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you guys should try listening to shit that expands your musical horizons instead of wallowing in hair metal history like some kind of ill fated mastadon.

And you should take your head out your ass and stop assuming people are listening only to hair metal.

This week I recommended a hair/hard rock band, next weet it'll be something else.

Stop being judgemental and if you ain't got nothing on topic to say then don't say nothing.

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i'll post whatever and whenever i want to there nipples.

since when did you turn into the new bastion of rightousness little guy?

take a look at the topic titles in this section and tell me people here listen to anything but retarded old poo steam that sucked ass the first time around, but have this need to praise it 10-15 years later.

keep on rockin the w.a.s.p you pathetic stain.

it makes you tough see.

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