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foo fighters


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i think they said there next album was due out next year, they have already started recording, so i dont know, but it is gonna be a double-album...!woo :D

but i have to say the last few songs they released - i didnt like as much as their earlier stuff,

agreed, altho it still kicks ass!

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they are 4/5 on mine


2.blink 182

3. guns n roses

4.greenday/foo fighters

5.''            /''

You prefer Blink 182 to Guns n Roses?

Surely that warrants a ban?

lol agreed ,blink are just nude kids running about all day with midgets making PUNK-FAG music all day long

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well people i must say i like blink 182, much better then foo fighters they suck major ass!.

mine would go

1. gunsNroses

2. velvet revolver

3. motley crue

4. blink 182

5. chili pepers...... i like a shit load of other bands but i would listen to these the most. and if anyone trys to flame me about blink and the chili's i'll only say this once....... you can suck my ass ! :o:D:anger:

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