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pink floyd reunion


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It has to just be a rumor. Rogers did nothing but talk shit about Pink Floyd after he left them so I don't see what would change his mind all of a sudden unless the fact that the other guys aren't making a new album anytime soon as cooled him off. I'd shit my pants if this rumor was true but the odds of it are incredibly against it.

But... the people who started the rumor could have misinterpreted it from something else completely, like maybe Pink Floyd are making a new album.

Gilmore's always been pretty friendly to Waters, even with Waters' stick up his ass, so maybe Gilmore just said it'd be nice to reunite and someone took off with it.

OOOOO how I'd love to see em all together though.



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It's still just a rumor at this point, but some Pink Floyd fans that I know say they have come closer to reuniting than in a long time. I don't really remember too many details about what is going on with the band members though.

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