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just a theory


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ok so ive noticed that popular bands today dont realy have to be any good..its like cause of there name the album is automaticly good and is a hit..(Ex. good charlet i herd sum or there nu stuff on the tv today and it sucks balls! but becasue of there name and that people think they look so cool and shit there gonna sell a million records!)...does any one else agree....?

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don't worry good charolette won't be around that much longer. It's just that pussy mall punk stuff is in right now and there putting out records quickly bc they know they won't be around for a while. Their just a desposable fad.

Think before this the big fad was rap-rock. Limp Bizkit were putting out albums rapidly bc they knew it was just a fad. Then they put out an album after the rap-rock thing went out and it bombed and we will never hear from them again. The same thing will happen with Good Charolette. Its just a genre a of music with no substance and will have no staying power.

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