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Bad Press For GnR


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Ok, I understand the fact that Axl hasn't said a lot or done much over the past few years but all the mags seem to have forgotten about GnR!!! I'm 16 and never had the chance to be involved in the Guns Phenomenon so I never knew that much about them but I'm interested.. I went all the way from London to Las Vegas to see Axl last month, back over here Kerrang seem to review every other rock bands new years eve performance from L.A to Vegas but just seem to forget about Guns!!! I mean, If Kerrang are still sulking about 'Get In The Ring' then they should grow the F*CK up!!

I wana see some more press on Axl or GnR. The only mag that seems to pay respect is classic rock, they had a great article on Axl this month!!!

Lets see some more GnR

Lets see a tour and an album as well!!!!

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