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Aint seen them live but have heard their Live in paris gig and bits of other concerts and they sound shit hot live. :drevil:

Everybody who I've spoken to who've seen them live says they're shit hot so you'll have to let us know if it was any good. :drevil:

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I heard one or two songs of them and didn't like it, but my opinion can

change when i went to Fields of Rock where they will perform.

believe me dude they suck!!

i agree.

i don't like their stuff, except "Ohne dich", that's a good song...ha,it fits in my situation, oh how i hate it

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Any good...? They are incredible!!! Their show is nuts - you have to experience it.

I do agree that their live shows r amazing, but only if you turn off the music... <_< ¨

I kinda like the more "natural" shows, like gnr :) cause then it is the music that matters, not flames! :unsure:

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let us know how it is......should be a kick ass concert

My One word Rammstein review:


Seriously, superb concert, i wasn't very near the stage and i could feel the heat from where i was, you have to see what they do on stage to believe it.

One guy sat in a inflatable boat and was crowd surfing in a boat, superb.


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