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The Darkness


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They are a local band for me, and so i have sen them before they were famous, and without all the flamboyant props and catsuits. They were better back then.

I was glad they were doing well, but then they were everywhere, and now i have gone off them.

I might start liking them again depending on how their next album sounds, it may be ok as they have the ex-AC/DC producer working on it.

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I love them. I agree they are like marmite, you either love em or hate em, well I love marmite too! :P

I cant wait for their new album to come out. I hate it when people say they are ripping off Queen though. OK well yes I am a big Queen fan and in relation to that hence I love the Darkness but they certainly dont rip anyone off. They have a very unique sound and IMO have saved British Rock for the better. Justin is absolutley electric on stage, totally different to what he is like personally as you see in interviews. He has a charasmatic charm and is hilarious. They have wrote some awesome material, Justin has a great range and makes the music slightly funny with his added purrs and growls hehe which lighten the music up a bit. I cant wait until theuir new album comes out. I have heard one song that might be on it called Girl with the hazel eyes or summat and it sounds great! So hurry up guys release the darn album quickish! Before Chinese Democracy no doubt :P

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I agree completly with izzys girl.---I love the darkness some people say that they are pop and everything but there not.They are one of a few current bands that kick ass people dont realy know them even though they have herd like i beleive in a thing called love which i will admit gets boring easlily.I bet non of those people every went to a concert or know the true band so there not pop if you look around theres a lot of pop but the play harder than u2 and there not pop

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They aint pop! OK they are popular but they are not pop cos.....

1. They dont hog all the best chart positions

2. Chavs dont go round singing em

3. theywrite all their own stuff

4. they play all their own instruments

5. they put on unique stage shows

6. they live and work in a rock and roll lifestyle

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aaahh.. how can you like it.. it tastes awful

It has a nice strong taste. Only wimps can hate it really :P

Though saying that it's made from some of the same ingredients beer is made from and I hate beer. Marmite is great though. Perfect on toast and butter or even better with crumpets and butter! Mmm Mmmm!

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