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Musical Tips

Paranoid Android

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Found a special way of listening to anything in perticular to make it either funny, amusing, seriously cool or whatever, state in here.

My top tip of the day:

Listen to the song: 'The National Anthem' by Radiohead

Turn the bass up to max, volume up, and prepare to have everything in the room shake up and down violently.

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Tip #2: Turn 'Welcome to the Jungle' into a live version. Outside a submarine.

Take 1 copy of AFD and find Welcome to the Jungle. Get a music editing program, and select the first few opening notes (00:00 - 00:01). Copy and paste them at the begining of the song a few times. If anyones heard any bootlegs of GnR during 2002, they seem to play these over and over again. You too can taunt yourself by making it seem like they're going to start the song anytime soon.

To make it sound like your in a submarine, take a CD player with headphones and try listening to the remixed version in the bath. use low voltage batteries. enjoy.

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