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Uncle Sam


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check them out,


I have the first two albums, the second album is an absolute gem and I guess GNR fans would love it as it has the same kind of lyrically stories found on GNR's AFD.

Red Shirt - is a great song about two people fucking each other in the workplace secrectly, Red shirt is a code that she is wanting to have sex straight away.

Whiskey Slick, is of the same vein as Nighttrain, but instead of drinking Wine your drinking whiskey

Ain't No Valentino is about a guy who is a guy, don't expect flowers from me, cos I aint no valentino, I aint no valentine

Letters From London is about being cheated on from a long long distance

The sound of Uncle Sam is more punk than GNR but they do have the GNR rawness, I guess it is unfair to similarise the two bands but if you listen to both albums the style of music differs but lyrically they are spot on

Please let me know if you you like Uncle Sam, especially Letters From London

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