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Which song would be best to play in ur own band??

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that's a hard question, because i love almost all gnr songs. i don't know what to chose. i guess welcome to the jungle it's obligatory, because is a pure hard rock song, the public will go wild. well you say one song but i will say another one that's possible rocket queen , that song makes me go completely wild, it's one of my favourites. But is hard tosay, i guess that in each concert of my band i would change of song every day

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Today were(vynal flare) doing a gig, called parkfest in melbourne, come along!, We are starting with nightrain, doing brownstone 3rd, and finishing with paradise city =)

But covers we do are -->

mr brownstone


paradise city

sweet child o mine

its so easy


dont cry

welcome to the jungle

You could be mine

knocking on heavens door

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Well Me N' My band (I'm Lead Vocals) are kinda makin' our version of Chinese Democracy.Ya know-music is 95% the same but i sing a lot different more like Coverdale-Tyler style than Rose with a wholle lotta of screamin

THats bad ass,me ican pull a vince neil-S.bach type,but it takes awhile till i get it down,I have to do it over and over again before i pratice...which blows.

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probably its so easy....

but this weekend I saw a youth band covering SCOM and they had two boys who sang a different melody in a different key and it was just terrible....so now I'm scared of covering anything in case it sounds as bad as that :ph34r:

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