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I really like the soft guitar at the beginning -- the 'actual solo' sounds pretty damn cool up to about the first 45 to 50 seconds. After that there's just so many frills and shit going on that it gets REALLY annoying to listen to. :ph34r:

Keep in mind that I know jack shit about this stuff, okay? Just giving an honest opinion of how it sounds to the untrained ear. B)

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The riff sounds awesome at the start. The solo starts well but i tend to agree it gets a bit samey towards then end. It's better than anything I could so far but I feel you could mix it up a bit more.

By the way what setup do you have? It sounds pretty good.

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I like the riff/background guitar. I think it gets pretty scrambled with the solo though. I think it'd be cool if you just broke off from the opening riff and started on the solo and then when the solo starts to breakdown there is another guitar in the background complimenting it. I definently liked the first part of the recording though.

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Both were great...


And I hope you don't take this the wrong way.

Should not be put together.

It's like putting a GnR Solo with a RHCP Riff, both great, but don't fit together.

I liked your solo, it would fit in a good rock song.

As for the riff, very RHCP style, I'd suggest doing something slow, possibly acoustic for a solo for that riff.

The pay off would be better in my opinion.

As for the Solo.... hmm, try and put it into something that's chords being played, quite heavy chords...power chords even possibly (Think Eminor, A and G)

Then you've got two totally awesome songs right there.

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thanks binge I thought the same that it sounds pretty much like a RHCP song. I recorded it quickly so there is much space for improvement. I will take your advices into consideration. I have a bunch of song ideas maybe I'm gonna post some of them here as well.

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like what binge said

i like the riff and i like the solo but together they dont mix

the solo kinda eats up the riff, something a ltitle less melodic (not quite the right word) as the rhythm would work better behind the solo, some hard power chords or even some strummed open chords would sound good

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