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Help with singing

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now keep in mind that ive been theatrically trained - and although ive sung in rock bands ive never been formally trained to do so- so this may or may not help - but i would suggest that you yawn. just yawn. when you yawn you will feel your throat being almost as open as it is - - mid yawn just try to hit a note - i suggest a lower note, condsidering how wide your throat is at this poitn.. just get used to the feeling of that in that back of your mouth - because that is how you want it to feel when you hit a nice clean note andyou project to the fullest. so play with it - yawn, hit a note mid yawn and when youve finished yawning keep going and just play with it - - practice makes absolute perfection when it comes to singing

sorry if this was no help! its much easier to explain in perso - very hard to type. but feel free to PM when ever you need if i can be of any assistance!! (that offer is extended to anyone that could use some vocal help! like i said, ive been trained theatrically and have had MANY leading roles in shows - so yes, my voice is good! - ill try to get something uploaded later on to sort of, show off i guess! :P )

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Make sure you are singing from your diaphram.. not your throat.

thats impossible. its just a muscle. I think you mean breath in from the bottom half of your chest (not like you normally would) and as you sing tense your stomach as you run out of breath, this should strengthen wot ur singing. Otherwise all you need to do is keep drinking plenty of water an practise. also if its phlegm or whatever its called lay off the dairy products and junk food

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push notes from the diaphragm yes, otherwise you strain your throat. just warm up properly - stick your tongue out as far as poss and just vocalize 'e,e,e,e,' for each note, then 'ya,ya,ya,ya' and then 'o,o,o,o,o,'

you need to do it for a good while, it helps to clear your throatn out.

that and on the day of a gig me and my mate who also sings drink lots of honey with lemon and whiskey, it melts excess mucus from your throat and further clears it out.

and also make long cow noises, from the lowest note tothe highest on one long breath. you will notice that the higher you get the more crackles and breaks you will get in your voice - do the exercises till they reduce

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