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duff and izzy singing


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I like Izzy's singing style better maybe cause it's more "rough" , Duff's only lead vocals for GnR are on So Fine which I think he carries pretty well . Izzy also sings Double talkin' Jive as well ( awesome job IMO )

 Peace GnR Nation  8)

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Duff sung only his solo work So Fine and some songs in Spaghetti album. 14 years, Double Talkin' Jive, Dust N' Bones are Izzy's. You can check it out in your cd cover...just wanted to make it clear. :)

I like more Izzy altough Duff's voice in So Fine is pretty good. But in his solo career it sucked and Izzy's voice fits in his solo songs. But if you think that one of them should sing in project band i say no way. Izzy is good background vocalist but lead ain't so great exept sometimes it's nice to get some change. 8)

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