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What is f**cking wrong with GN'R at the moment ???

they are so un-faithful to there fans around the world. The said they were going to do a world tour. All the did was play some nights in Tokyo,England And then do a non stop tour in the USA.Thats not a f**king World tour!! And now the have cancled in the USA. R we ever going to see this new Album ???

The good news is that Slash, Duff, Izzy & Matt are back making a band :) I bet they can mack a new album before GN'R's new album comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the dont have a singer yet. One of them must have Axl's phone number ??? why dont they just ring Axl ??? & have THE REAL GUNS N' ROSES. Not just Axl N' Friends

Does any 1 feel the same???????????????

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hey alex,

i had my ticket for guns and roses live in madrid two years ago but the buckethead man fell ill and they cancelled ... i´m still waiting for they come again to spain ... i´m sure they will put the record out and they will tour around the world ... we only have to live our lifes and we´ll see ...

and i think the album will come out before slash and company find a good singer ... jejeje ...

take care and keep rocking


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the reunion isn't impossible

axl can change if he wants

it just depends on axl

and i still bet one day we'll see them together again

i know!!

i dont know when or how or where but they'll play together again,they are 40, they aren't really old

ozzy is like 50 and he has tours every year

the rolling stones are touring lately and they are like 50

dude in one day axl could say i missed the old guys i wanna play with them again and everything can happen

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the up-side of it though is that we have TWO potetially great bands to look forward too  

You are mistaken, only one potentially great band, and that is The Project.  Axl now has a solo band and I wish he woud get he hand out of his ass long enough to erase GnR from what he is doing.  It is an emarassment to have this troop of freaks going around saying they are GnR.  GnR was about attitude and not taking anyones shit.  You really think Buckethead stands for that?  Axl stands to have a great solo career and that is what it is at this point.  And that is not that promising anymore.  All the shit that was said about him he deserved.  It is not that hard to play and get out there and give what your fans want.  What kind of egomaniac treats their fans that way.  Don't get wrong, he is a great performer, when he shows.  

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