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killer guitar solos [to show off]

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Hey...I finally learned BIG SUR MOON by Buckethead. It's a killer solo that's not too difficult to learn

Does anybody have any suggestions of killer solos that aren't impossible?

As far as I know, most GNR solos are really hard, unless there are some I missed somewhere

I sheepishly admit, I'm trying to learn cool solos to show off. Big Sur Moon got a lot of "dammmmns!!"" and "that's so cool!!!" so i want to continue this. Any ideas?

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Bohemian Rhaposdy is cool and the fast notes are quite easy.

November Rain isnt hard but it sounds like ass on my guitar (yes I'm playing the correct notes). Must just be my newbie guitar.

The Unforgiven by 'tallica is quite easy aswell. Nothing Else Matters is good too.

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Deshacer El Mundo - Heroes Del Silencio

Ya Tus Amigos - Victimas Del Dr. Cerebro

Entre Dos Tierras - Heroes Del Silencio

Viejo El Mundo/ ( Including the Secret Track) - Jaguares

Well, Im sure I might be the only one who might know about those bands. :P

But experiment with those for the heck of it since they are different Genres (but still in a very Rock form). :)

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