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need a quick review...please


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hai, i just got back from my vacation and hard wrk after that ........ i'm glad i'm finally can get in here again..... but i think i have lost track of was happening lately, can anyone help me with short but meaningfull review................. THX  ;D  

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Welcome back Gnr_manis.

I don't think I've seen you around since November. So, I guess you've missed quite a bit.

Aside from the Vancouver cancellation, the tour was going pretty smoothly. Axl did a few radio interviews (no print ones though).  Of course, there were a few incidents here and there ....  A ring fell off Axl's hand while he was performing at one show and he sent his bodyguard Earl in to fight it out with a fan and grab it back. That got a few headlines.  

Then in Detroit, something went wrong that caused Axl to cut the show short by about 15 or 20 minutes. There was no encore. But he seemed to back in top form for the next show and blew away the crowd the following week in Toronto.  

And then on Dec. 5, he played NYC. The show was awesome and the crowd was totally into it. Axl was actually ON TIME (a rare event in the GNR world), and he seemed to be in a great mood, handing out doughnuts and thanking everyone for their support ("I really needed this", he said). Absolutely spectacular show!  

The following night, however, GNR was to play the first of two shows in Philly, and that's when all h*ll broke loose. CKY and the Mix Master went on, which makes it appear that the stadium managers did expect GNR to appear. But drunken fans, impatient about waiting, decided to trash the stadium and loot GNR's CDs and equipment even before the gig was officially cancelled. Some of these very people are on this site, bragging about it. Pathetic. Anyhow, their actions have ruined it for other GNR fans because the promoter (CC) pulled the plug on the rest of the tour. Stadium managers are scared and don't want to be held liable for damage, injuries and lawsuits from riots. And insurers are equally squeamish about providing coverage for a GNR gig.  

So far GNR has not spoken out publicly about the incident  other than an initial statement that mentioned something about the cancellation being related to "an illness."  I would guess that the long silence is related to legal issues. Axl was given a $1 million advance last year for the tour, and that's likely one of the issues on the table. I also heard Axl fired his management company, who, in turn, fired DG.

As for the album, there's been no word. During the tour, Fortus mentioned the February/March period for a release, the management co. mentioned April/May, and Dizzy, during an interview I believe, said it could come as late as June.  But all of these statements came before the tour blew up. So who knows.

So, I think that brings you up to speed on what you missed.  :)

Oh, there is a rumor going around that they're trying to book GNR for RIR4. But at this stage, it's all just rumor.  


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