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The Compulsions


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I know a fair bit about The Compulsions as I've been in touch with Rob Carlye recently... He's a good guy.

Richard Fortus is playing lead guitar on "Down On The Tracks" and "Dance Around The Fire" in the link

The Compulsions are Rob Carlye (lead vocals) and a rotating group of band members based on Rob's favourite NYC players (of which Rich is one).

Rich has recorded on some other songs but I'm sworn to secrecy on which ones (by Rob!)! :lol: But they will feature on the first full length Compulsions album which should be out "soon".

Critics tend to compare The Compulsions music to the Stones, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Skynyrd.

As it says in the blog on the myspace page... Critics have have called the Compulsions "criminally unknown," " the world's greatest obscure rock band," and "the heir apparent to Guns N' Roses' long vacant mainstream hard rock throne." Fairly big compliments.

They haven't got a label or any financial support at the moment so Rob funds the whole thing himself and that's why they haven't got an album yet.

If anyone wants any other info then PM me.

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