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Axl's Hotel Alias Check-in name


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why don't they call emselves summat normal, like David Sanchez, or Juan Machismo, lol joke, but there is no real need for weird names, if you were in england you probs be best to use David Smith, that is one bland and normal name here.  8)

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW I HAVE HEARS THAT NAME BEFORE, AND ITS TRUE!!!! OUR NEW MEMBER MACHO-VIDAL COULD ACTUALLY BE AXL ROSE HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can call me crazy but....            .....ok now i don't know what to say! ;D ;D ;D

Hey, Mr. Vidal, are you Axl in disguise ??????????

If so please tell us, we all love ya! (Oh boy I sound like a 12 y old fan ;))

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