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5 Factors destroying Guns N Roses.


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5. Lack of communication, and lack of promotion.

Enough said!

4.The U.S. Media.

The international tour was met with nothing but praise, the US tour was met with a smirk.

3.The setlist: New band, mostly Old songs!

Was this the Chinese Democracy tour, or was this the Appetite tour??? Axl probably wonders why people are calling him a nostalgia act, this is one reason! The least he could do was play more new songs since we might never see the new record!!!! Which brings me to number two.



The major US promoter has been burned!!! VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!!

ENDNOTES: What is the future of AXL "GUNS N' ROSES" ROSE???? Will AXL be a modern day Brian Wilson?? Writing and recording with rare appearences on a stage??!!NO tours,just records??Then again,Brian Wilson actually released his records, and he wasn't the singer!!!It very safe to say that another US tour would not be met with a green light by promoters!!!! This will also hurt the sales of "Chinese Democracy" if it is ever released!!! If the record was released 6 months to a year ago, it might have been number one if promoted correctly. Now it looks like number 41 on the charts, followed by a small club or theatre tour!!! For the past few years the media has set up bear traps, patiently waiting for AXL THE BEAR to come out of his cave, and so far he has walked into ever one of them!!! Now they're all saying "I told you so," THIS IS ALSO VERY VERY BAD!!!! The believers are now skeptics,the skeptics are now doubters!!!!AXL, it is not 1992,it is 2002!!! You are not the king you were in 92' in which you were really the only "ride in the park." You can't be walking aroung like you own the place ten years later!!! people are not going to bow down to you because you were huge 10 years ago!!! You have to re prove yourself,so far you've only proven the media trash!!!

      When I found out in 1999 that the band I once worshipped was an all new lineup, I was slightly bothered by it. After much thought I realized that the new lineup was reality(G&R), and the old was nostalgia(GNR). I also figured that Guns N Roses was AXL anyway. This though was proven to me in 2000 when I attended an AC/DC show @ Madison Square Garden in which Slash's Snakepit opened. The performance was met with shouts of "nobody cares Slash!" The release of the record, and the breakup of that band was yet more proof!!! Since than I have been in full support of the new G&R lineup!!! This lineup was carefult constructed,and was built to last. Each member having his own distinct style, and entertainment value.  But lately I have been hearing that Axl doesn't "get along" with this line up either??? So then what is the point???!!! Does AXL really get along with anyone??? Should we have a new lineup for every show??? How many times has the GNR/G&R lineup changed in the past 10 years???Anybody??? I don't even know!!!

Even though I support G&R fully, I don't see it being as big as it was going to be back in August 2002!!! They were on the verge of blowing up, then this!!! Unless AXL and the promoters can come to an agreement,highly although a contract might no be a bad idea, or the new record does well,which is now tarnished goods, the future does not look bright for G&R!!! The only real option that is left is reforming the old lineup!!! This looks like the only way now that AXL has screwed himself!!Promoters,and record buyers may consider the old GNR lineup now that G&R has proven to be a diaster!!! But then again this is America!!! Sometimes all is forgiven!!! Hugh Grant got busted with a prostitute in 1995,......doesn'tt he have a big movie coming out this weekend!!!

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Damn and I thought I held the record for long posts!!! I agree with you on the promotion and lack of commuication part. Granted the GNR corporation take the slant that what goes on in GUNS AND ROSES is none of our business- but a little PR couldn't hurt the bruised feelings of the fans.

This whole episode has a funky feel to it... kinda like everybody is dzed and confused as to what to think.

Theres an old saying here in the U. S. and that is "if you give someone enough rope they'll end up hanging themselves" Axl may have put his head in a noose.

I think the #1 thing thats hurting GNR is the Lack of Communication. The media sees it as a game and the citizens can't get enough of the papparazzi. To get back on top Axl will have to learn how to play THAT game.  

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Perfectly true Rockerman, the more Axl refuses to speak the more bulls*it is created in the press by nobody reporters who decide that if he won't give them information, they'll make it up. And all of us gullable GNR fans tend to take everything they tell us to heart.

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