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Europe- The Final Countdown


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Heard this on the radio the other day and since i had not see the video for ages i downloaded it. Pure cheese. Its encapsulates everything.. the blonde smiley drummer, the big hair, the major guitar solo, the pouting frontman and all with a theme of the colour pink through it. Outsatnding in my opinion :P

Was this their only hit?

I have heard it played at sports events to before the teams come in and i just smile.

Europe 86' Forever rock3

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Hehe...yhea that's pretty much their only BIG hit...hehe.....

I know that they tried to make some kind of comback this year but it feels like that didn't work out to well. I heard one song, wich was...well not bad but definitly not good,and after that there has been total silence. Hehe...... :P

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I hate Europe, they've to much keyboards and shit. The only thing I like 'bout them is the solo in TFC. Amazing.

I don't think it´s amazing at all...Just an easy tapped solo...I guess since guitarheroes where kinda in at the time they tried to make up lack of quality with some speed...

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Whilst it's undoubtedly the WORST song ever to have been written, i.e. "We're heading for Venus (Venus) And still we stand tall" and it stinks of the most fetid Wensleydale Cheese, it is, none the same, a testimony to the enginuity of mankind in the face of adversity.

I would perhaps suggest that Venus would probably be a difficult place to live given the temperature and atmosphere, however, I'm just a cynic.


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