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backyard babies and the wildhearts


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any fans of these bands? i just recently got turned on to both bands. i like backyard babies better than the wildhearts, but both are cool.

if you've never heard of either band, check em out. especially if you like 80's style sleaze rock.

www.thewildhearts.com you can get audio and video there.

http://www.backyardbabies-net.de/ same thing, audio and video available.

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yeah they probly do but i dont ow..t just google them! search for "the devil stole the beat from the lord" or something like that.. they got a lot of great songs

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Aww great thread!

Backyard Babies... saw them whent he supoorted Velvet Revolver, loved them, bought their albums, love the albums. demos to demons album is well worth buying.

Hellacopters - saw them at download festival 2003. Never heard of them until then but damn can they play guitars! it was a breath of fresh air from all the trashy distortion of other bands and the gayness of HIM. been after their albums for ages but never seen them for sale here.

Hurricane Party - Saw them support Status Quo. Not bad for a band who hadnt even been signed yet were touring with Quo. They were really good live, a good old fashioned rock band, not trying to be ground breakers, just playing good rock music.

I think before they got signed the singer left, im not sure if the new singer is the one in the video they have out, but then im not sure if the singer even left.

Cant comment on the other bands mentioned. But im just glad someone else likes backyard babies and hellacopters.

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