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Izabel's review of meeting GN'R at MSG


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Thanks to CChan at the Bar

Ok, so this won't be much of a review, because there has been many on the list...I'll write down my experience... I know this will be long enough, although I'm sure it'll be worth reading

It all started the day of the show, when I talked to Mark. He said he'd be there for the MSG All Access tour at 3pm. Since I was by myself, I decided to go too. Got there 20 mins late, but I made it to the best part of the tour. Mark wasn't there... So, at the end of the tour I was with those kids, and after having heard it all about the best tickets being released at the last minute, we decided to check it out at the box office. Well, I ended up getting Row C, Section 3, seat 14 (aisle between sections 2 and 3). The thing is (and I didn't know that when I bought the ticket) rows A and B were only on the sides, so the fact was that I was FRONT ROW right in the middle of the stage!!! I couldn't believe how lucky I got! I hardly knew it was just starting

So, then I finally met the guys, and we hung out for a while. It was really cool to meet some of the hardcore GN'R fans We went to Mustang Sally's but it was too crowded, so we ended up at Mustang Harry's (me and my soaking wet feet)

When I finally got to my seat I couldn't believe it. I swear, it was *THE BEST* seat in the place. Not one to the left, not one to the right. This was the one. It was awesome!! I had taken a brazilian flag, and the other side said "I came from Brazil JUST to see GN'R"

So, when GN'R finally took the stage, I could notice that the first thing Axl took a glimpse of was my sign!! Although I could tell he hadn't read it, it was cool. Then, at the end of Think About You, I showed him the flag, and he looked and smiled. I turned it around and then I could see he read my sign During the show I could see the guys checking it out, it was great.

At the end of SCOM, at the "oh no no no no no..." part (when Axl always does the same gesture), he saw me doing it at the same time he was and kinda pointed at me and smiled.

Also, I don't know if you guys noticed this for I haven't seen anyone mention it, but during Out ta Get Me, on the "I'm fuckin' innocent" part, Axl hit his chest really hard, it was moving.

After this, he came in with the box of Donuts and ranted about O'Brien and stuff (I love those rants!). Then he walks to the middle of the stage, opens the box, gets the first donut, throws it DIRECTLY into my hands and said "Here, have a donut". )

Then, during Chinese Democracy, Tommy saw me singing the lyrics and lifted his eyebrows and smiled. When he saw me singing again during Madagascar and said "Wow".

Then Bucket did his thing and I thought it was really cool. And it got even better when I got TWO of the toys he gave the crowd. ) One was a Bendable Gumby and the other one a Terminator 2 that I ended up giving to John M.

So, after Paradise City, still BLOWN AWAY by the show, I saw John M had found an After Show pass!! Talk about luck!! Jan and I tried to sneak in too, but we couldn't. So, after a while, John comes out and he has decided to leave. I asked him if I could have the pass, promising to give it back to him the next day. He agreed So, I went it.

Apparently it was just an open bar party. I could see why John left, everyone knew each other and I was totally out of place. But I saw Earl there, so I got some drink and decided to stay for a while.

Then, Robin showed up. Then Tommy. I just said hi to both of them... they were really excited talking to some people... family and friends I guess. Then, when Dizzy came, he looked at me and said an exciting hi. I somehow thought he remembered me from Rio and asked. He said he resembled me. I told him the concert had been great and all and he said he had loved it too. Pretty cool. By the way, he looks great.

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Richard was also there, and when I got a chance I came over and told him how amazing the show was. He said: "Thank you. You're brazilian, right?" PS: I just have to say it (once more) how much this guy looks like Izzy!! It's amazing.

So, I sat down and then this guy Jason came up to me and we started talking. He was friends with Michael Barbiero, that worked in Appetite. He introduced me to Michael and then we talked until like 1:30. Then he said he was leaving, but I decided to stay when I saw Del James. I went over to say hi and, sweet as usual, he remembered me and gave me a big smile and a hug. He also gave me a shirt. It wasn't one of the ones for sale, so it was pretty cool. It has the logo on the front and under GN'R it has the skyline of NYC. In the back it has a big clock and it says "Madison Square Garden SOLD OUT 15 MINUTES Motha Fuckaz"

Anyway... I was going to leave but as I was asking the security guard at the door where I could find a pay phone, I saw Axl coming. Needless to say I turned around and stayed I was a little high (the only thing I had eaten the whole day was the donut ) and didn't even get nervous. As soon as he came in, people started to approach. I told him I had come from Brazil to see them and he said "Yeah, that was a great sign" He also said he'd be in Brazil next Spring and gave me a handshake.

After that he kind of (tried to) walk around the place. He moved really slowly though, for people were always around him. I wanted to hear what he was talking about, but I couldn't hear much.

About 30 minutes later, he sat on a chair. And many people had left already, so there were like 8 people around his table talking to him. At first I was only listening, but he stayed there for so long it gave me time to sober up completely So, here are some cool things:

He was smoking some cuban cigar. He said he doesn't smoke cigarretes anymore, but those cigars (he said the name, but I forgot) make him relax. He was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, khaki pants and brown shoes. And I could see his braids really close, they're a mix of blond, white and red. By the way, he does look great.

Anyway, someone asked him if he was going to keep on wearing the jerseys and he said yes, because those are pretty cool (I forgot to mention that Mike Piasa (sp?) was there too) and he likes the way people have been responding to it.

He talked a bit about Izzy. He said that him composing with the old members is just a way of making some extra bucks, because he isn't touring with them. He talked about the Chicago review and that he just HAD to say something about it, because he knows they SMOKED. He said that Robin was pretty pissed at the review.

Again he mentioned how happy he is with the new band and that it's cool to see how these guys really take pleasure in playing with GN'R. He said that back when Appetite was recorded he had this vibe with the old band, but that the Illusions were pretty tough to put together and that he had to work really hard to make it. He said the old guys never wanted to be that big. At this point he said "if yoy're happy playing with AC/Dc or Michael Jackson good for you, but that's not what I wanted to do".

Of course he talked about Slash. He said Slash is really good at what he does but he wouldn't bring in any good material. Axl said he'd be more than happy to record something from Slash if he thought that was good, but that he just "couldn't see the GN'R name in something like Be The Ball". Can't blame him....

I asked him if it didn't bother him to see all those bad thing being said about him, and why he doesn't speak out, and say the truth. He said he's been speaking out a little more and that we'll know it all when it's time. But he says he won't be giving out interviews about what happened because that would be promoting the old members and he doesn't want to do that. He's kinda tired of the press... I mentioned the radio interviews and he talked about that Rolling Stone piece and how RS has a competent staff... and if you won't cooperate they'll do a piece on you like that. He also talked about some crap that people said about his interview on gnronline.com (maybe that's why it hasn't been updated for so long...)

He also said they weren't recording a video in China, he was only writing there.. but that there will be videos coming out.

Axl also mentioned that Catcher in the Rye will be on the third record. He said that CD will be a very intense record and the second one will be more of introspective. He said they'll keep on touring and that he really enphasized they'd be back in the summer at the end of the show because this is going to happen (which makes me wonder about these cancellations...) At this point someone asked if CD was coming out in 2002, and he said no (kinda obvious, but....)

He also mentioned how happy he was to see people supporting him, and that selling out the Garden meant a lot.

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Anyway... there was more, but I can't remember everything now. At around 3am he stood up and sat at another table. I took it as a hint and left. But before leaving I went up to him and told him how much I loved his rants and that he should speak out more. He smiled and said "Thanks". I told him I'd see him in Philly the next day, he nodded and I left. He did too not too long after this, for I saw he wasn't there anymore after I had called my friend.

On a side note, I couldn't really tell if Axl was sick. Of course it can happen all of a sudden, but he looked ok to me. He looked tired, but ok. I can't wait to know what happened in Philly. I had made it to 10th row in section 2! The people that started the riot were really into trashing the place down, it sucked. My first reaction was like "I knew it". I had had a strange feeling the whole day. Then I got pissed, and then just let down. So, after having wasted a whole day in NY because of that (it was my first time there), I came back and got drunk. lol.

Wow, that's enough. Gotta go


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Now with the CITR thing i heard somewhere else that the chick had heard wrong and that CITR was going to be the 3rd single on CD  :-/

Eh not sure!

I was the one who corrected her at the other forum. Axl said CITR would likely be the third single -- not the third album. I know this because I was the one who asked him the question.

She also mixed up the part about the vid. I asked Axl if he'd shot a video in China, and he said no. When I said I had heard he was in China a few weeks after the show, he then said he had indeed gone back there for "creative inspiration .. and writing" -- but that no video had been shot there.

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I was the one who corrected her at the other forum. Axl said CITR would likely be the third single -- not the third album. I know this because I was the one who asked him the question.

She also mixed up the part about the vid. I asked Axl if he'd shot a video in China, and he said no. When I said I had heard he was in China a few weeks after the show, he then said he had indeed gone back there for "creative inspiration .. and writing" -- but that no video had been shot there.

Cool!! :D

So was he nice?

Anything else he said that she left out?

I thought that was what you where hinting at in the other tread.. :)

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Axl was very cool .. very friendly.

When he first came into the room, he had three bodyguards (which I thought was a bit ridiculous). However, when he sat down with us, only Earl was with him. So it was much better.

The other band members just slipped in on their own and chatted with people.  I spoke to Richard (a real sweetie), Dizzy and Tommy. I didn't see Finck or Buckethead -- but they could have been there and I just missed them. The only one I wasn't impressed with was Tommy (a really superficial guy -- I'm trying to be nice.  ;))

Anyhow, I really didn't want to go into all of this. I just wanted to correct the misinformation that was in that girl's post.

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