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A great example of a true Axl fan...


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As far as I am concerned and as long as I am not proved that Axl Rose is not the artist he claims to be, I am going to keep on supporting him and his vision of Guns N' Roses, despite the chaos that means I am probably going to have to go through... and if someday I happen to be eventually proved wrong, then I will keep my mouth shut and I won't publically discuss that subject again, for I will take upon myself the responsability of my mistake, and also because the positive things my passion for GN'R has brought into my life will always be far more important than the negative ones and the disillusions.

Why Axl did not show up in Philadelphia?

Is it because he was simply sick, or maybe because he couldn't find the strenght to show up because of some nervous breakdown? Is it because he was told by Clear Channel that some bad-selling dates would be cancelled and then decided to fuck up one of their holy sold-out shows? Is it for several of these potential reasons or because of another that's completely different? What did happen that day and what do the other GN'R members think of him, of each other, and of themselves? Was Robin's collage a kind of attack against Axl or was it just an artwork about the human apprehension of Time or something else? Is the band really tight or has it already split?

Honestly, I know nothing for sure as I don't have any particular information that would allow me to judge. I sincerely don't know.

There is just one thing I can tell...

I remember all the comfort and the thrilling moments I have had since so many years because of Axl's lyrics and aura, and I remember how it did help me to go

through hells I probably couldn't have surmounted if it wasn't for how I did find strenght in GN'R' music. It was like I had a strange kind of soul brother: probably very different than me regarding to some aspects, but someone I could have essential common points with... Well, every true fan knows what I mean...

So now, unless I am proved that Axl is fake and corrupted, I am here to stay...

And if the car is bound to crash somewhere against some wall, then I won't drop the wheel and I will stay till the very end, even if it has to be bitter. I have never let down anybody and I won't start doing so...

At least, I know that if the car has eventually to crash, only my heart will be damaged... And I am a proven phoenix, and somehow I will find my way through the wreckage, even if things will then never be the same for me...

This is just my own point of view... I hope you'll understand...




I found this wonderful comment and thought I'd share it with you.  


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