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Most Under Rated Bands


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Here are my most under rated bands / artist I can think of

Uncle Sam - (go buy the album letters from london)

kings of leon ( a must for all Skynnard fans)

Megadeth (over shadowed by Metallica)

Tricky (UK Hip hop which is a bit darker than the Streets)

Suicidal Tendencies (Speed Thrash that got serious airplay from skate boarders)

Cody Chessnutt - (Prince meets Lenny Kravitz)

Masters of Reality - (get the debut album for some serious prog mind bending rock n roll)

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agree with Beers on Megadeth


Flotsam And Jetsam(most known as the band that gave Metallica Newstead)

Voivod(prog. thrash metal band from Canada)

That's awesome. All of the bands you listed are somehow related to Metallica!

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Walkabouts - so-called alternative-country..but the only country about them is that they have got a lot of emotion in their songs, and espesially in Carla`s voice, just beautiful :) they are actually more of a rock band, and I love them :) .. www.thewalkabouts.com ..

I recommend Nighttown as probaly their most accesible, cause their music needs to heard a couple of times..

Tindersticks - this gentle but dark dark band has warmed me so many times.. Stables voice is dark and emotional.. and its heavily orchestrated.. it is rock, but done in a different way :) .. I recommend their second album which is just called tindersticks, has a couple of beautiful ballads(tiny tears, travelling light) on it aswell as their usual amazing songs..

Thats my two most underrated, that are fairly known...

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